Following this approach we create video content that connects with it’s intended audience, engaging them and moving them into action.


Start by creating a convincing sense of time and place. When and where is this story set? Using visuals, sound, music and all the tools in our toy box, we’ll create a mood that quickly draws in your audience and fits with the tone of your brand.


Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you need to quickly relate with your audience. Communicate emotionally and positively and they’ll always remember how it made them feel. Being honest and with your heart on your sleeve is the best way to connect and build strong and long lasting relationships with customers.


Now the audience is on your side, you need to entice them with what is next. This could literally be the excitement of presenting a fantastic product or service, or simply the promise of more to come later in the video. Here is where storytelling really works, building a narrative structure that promises, guides you through the story and delivers.


When you’ve got all this in place, and deliver on all the promises that lead to this point, your audience will be truly engaged. They have listened to what people have to say, seen what we want them to see and are still with us. An engaged customer and a customer who understands who you are,  is far more likely to move to a desired action than a disengaged one.

We use our knowledge, experience and creativity to craft evocative video content that portrays exactly what makes your organisation unique. Our experience has shown us that finding a unique angle requires thorough research and fact-finding before even picking up the camera.

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” – Tony Robbins

We ask the right questions and we don’t waste your time, which means we are able to deliver high quality videos with a fast turnaround and at a reasonable cost. That’s the Digibob Difference.

We have the experience and resourcefulness to handle a wide range of video production needs: from advertising & promotion, to corporate video, event coverage, education market content and music videos. We go the extra mile, with thorough research, a quick turnaround and a cost-effective approach.


Clooney is a highly respected fine dining restaurant in Auckland that takes pride in the unparalleled experience they offer to diners.

During an exciting period of change for the restaurant, owner Tony Stewart decided an emotive piece of content was required that introduced the new Head Chef Jacob Kear and a change in philosophy. The menu was inspired by nature and a tangible sense of place was to be the most important thing with the video.

We created a piece of atmospheric video content that would promote not only Jacob’s new menu, but also the fact that ingredients were partially sourced through foraging in Auckland’s wild natural environment. After recently moving to New Zealand from his home in California, Jacob was actively searching for foraging locations and we took this opportunity to create a plan for filming locations.

This was mid-winter with highly unpredictable weather, so we knew we’d just have to go with what the filming days brought us, adapting and making the most of what nature delivered. It didn’t disappoint, four seasons in a day was an understatement, but capturing the incredible natural light, the sense of immediacy and raw nature made it all worthwhile. We filmed with a small crew, using lightweight equipment to keep us nimble, low impact and also safe while in the middle of the Waitakere Regional Park.

The quality of the images was extraordinary, evoking the very sense of the wild that we intended from the outset. Following the location shoot, we spent a day in the sanctuary of Clooney Restaurant filming the preparation and service that would make up the latter section of the video. We were lucky enough to taste the Te Mana Lamb, which is amazing!

Finally, after a period of post-production and intense audio design work, the video was delivered and rushed online to an extremely positive reception.