The Importance of Emotional Motivators and How Video Content Reinforces Them (part 1)

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Whenever you hear about data analytics, the first thing that springs to mind for most people are complicated algorithms and baffling strings of data that you’re not entirely sure what to do with.

However, at its core, data analytics is really about something quite simple: finding a way to connect with people on an emotional level. True, it sounds like a strange way to go about things, considering you’re taking a calculated approach to what are, essentially, feelings.

This is a two-part piece on what emotional motivators are and how well they can be incorporated into your marketing tactics when using video. In this first part we’ll be touching on what exactly ‘emotional motivators’ are. In part two we will show you just how well video is suited for targeting high-impact emotional motivators while getting your message across.

Companies are making use of data to influence every business decision, from brainstorming new ideas to the marketing and sales of the finished product. However, you don’t necessarily need a complicated system and a special set of skills to start the data gathering process. Scott Magids, Alan Zorfas, and Daniel Leemon recently published a piece in Harvard Business Review titled The New Science of Customer Emotions and explains what emotional motivators are and how they drive customer behaviour.

There are multiple ways to observe and categorize the emotional needs of your customers, and they can fall under hundreds of different motivators. But it’s very likely that they will exhibit some of the top ten motivators identified by Magids, Zorfas, and Leemon’s research, as shown in the table.

Emotional Motivators

So how can you incorporate these key motivators into your branding message by using video? First, here’s a short breakdown of emotional motivators and how they work.

Emotional Motivators and How They Work

The term ‘emotional motivators’ refers to the way a brand can influence customers, on a deeply emotional level, that leads to them connecting with that brand and buying their products or services, and eventually becoming loyal brand ambassadors.

Emotional motivators drive people to make decisions and are influenced by both customer satisfaction as well as how your brand connects with them on a deeper level than “I have something to sell, so give me your money”. Meaning, essentially, that by targeting people’s emotional motivators, you’re influencing the way your brand makes them feel in relation to their deepest needs and desires.

Video forms a very real part of this connection because it relays a visual message that has the power to connect with people on a visceral level. Video is also a medium that most people today actively seek out for various reasons, including entertainment, education, to find information, to escape, to feel motivated, and most relevant to a marketer’s goals – to feel connected. This makes it that much easier to use video as a medium to target your customers’ emotional motivators.

The Power of Video

When looking back at some of the most heart-touching moments in televised advertisement history, you’ll notice a pattern. This pattern usually involves either a depiction of people doing ordinary things to help make the viewer feel comfortable and included, or shows people fulfilling their dreams, or people doing something extraordinary or enviable in order to create a sense of inspiration. These visuals are almost always driven by a core message that’s usually either spoken by a narrator or told through a short statement at the end of the video, combined with powerful instrumentals.

This type of concept isn’t the only one used by marketers to touch people on a deeper level, nor are these types of videos the only ones to relay marketing messages successfully on a large scale. But they do serve well in showing how video can be utilized to touch on emotional motivators in some of the most easily discernible ways.

So we’ll let you mull over all that new information a bit, if you’re keen to dive into the deep inner workings of emotional motivators. However, if you’re ready to find out how you can incorporate these wonderful new ideas into fully-fledged marketing messages through video, then make sure to check out Part 2, which is a case study on how successful video is at drawing in viewers and getting them to relate to a brand through emotional motivators.